Welcome to the LRSC – Long Range Shooting Club, South Africa

The LRSC was established by enthusiasts and veterans, partly to honour the role of specific current service calibres that are in use world-wide, specifically relating to long range shooting and tactical extreme range shooting

We are about enjoying the precision of long range rifle shooting, be it steel plate shooting or ethical hunting of African plains game. We are a specialist club dedicated to long range shooting, hunting and conservation.

We shoot at distances ranging from 300 yards out to 2000 yards on steel plate targets of various sizes, in relation to the calibres used. We have different classes for various weapon systems and calibres. We focus on using specific calibres (.223; 308; .300; 338; 408 and .50BMG), but we have an open division for all calibres. We also have class divisions for bolt action and precision semi-automatic rifles.

Shooting is done on farms in various provinces, as there are no ranges that can accommodate 2000m shooting.

We offer information and guidance, on all subjects relating to precision long range shooting, from the fundamentals, body position, breathing, correct shooting methods, trigger control, wind/mirage reading, ballistics, equipment, etc. We also host training classes.

Membership of the LRSC is limited and on application. Go to our Membership Application page for more detail on joining.

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